today is one of those days to indulge yourself in the moment, take the time to sit back and enjoy the ride.  valentines day comes in many shapes... and i stick to just spreading the love :)

greta from greta's drawer wrote a lovely post on her blog about mezereem's tiny earstuds - go have a look, i am sure you will also love all her other posts.

trying out new things ~ but this one got a little too big.  so if you or someone you know is a size 9 / that is about 18mm diameter inside... and you are the first to comment i'll send it over to wherever your home is, at no cost.

happy sharing

finally, the sun is showing itself from its good side!  the rainy, cold dutch weather has kept me inside most of the days, but now it is time for nice bike rides through the city with good coffee breaks.  and it is time to show something new...  it has been hanging out on my bench for the longest time, i have finally made some decent images while the sun was shining.
i have also added this 'drops' ring' to my store ~ available for 75 euro.

in the mean time i am working on new packaging, and my website needs a good update too...  if you like to follow my progress and other bench activities please follow me on instagram ~ mezereem
enjoy the sun!

the first ring in a series of 5 ~ the dots ring    /    it has been good to work on something new :)

i know i know...

winter left amsterdam overnight, the streets are left with a shiny surface from the snow that mingled with the rain.  i can't believe that i stood on one of the frozen canals in the city centre last weekend ~ winter 2012 was just awesome!

this image below is showing some of the new rings, soon to be found in the shop.

my apologies for neglecting this space, I guess my writing can have a little attention since I mostly have been making images lately.

some updates,
already 16 weeks ago gemagenta and mezereem started a project called notHIDDEN. every week we simultaneously upload a sketch or finished piece of jewelry which is inspired by a quote about a certain emotion. we have planned a small exhibition in 2012 where we will show all the finished pieces, stay tuned for that. and in the meantime have a look at the 32 pieces already on the website

then I want to share with you some images of the paper ring I am working on. soon to be followed by the actual piece. enjoy your autumn day!

story telling ~ in some ways and many meanings everything tells a story ~ a certain look, a movement, a turn. the way hands fold, fingers touch. stories are in images, objects and things. a story is the place and volume things are, next to one another, alone. words, words tell millions of stories and words can be interpreted in many ways, but words are just words. stories go alongside, next to one another, we live many stories at the same time.

by going, i am always telling stories. by being i am a story. be in my story

how much beauty there is inside a flower, almost perfectly mirrored

happy twenty ten to all of you ~ may it be the best year to come!

it all started with a blue moon...
also mezereem is going along with her time... naja the time she is living in... and having a facebook fan page is one of those things this era does to make it a little easier to reach the people and places in this world where otherwise no one would have known about mezereem. it is still a work in progress - forming itself a long the way - but be invited to become a fan and spread the word :)

last week i was visiting berlin, met up with dear friends. and i was fortunate to be there for the big sale of fluo. i am so happy with my bag which i have been wishing for a long time already.

this is a special year - my age is half the age of my father

do you ever have this time in the year that everything seems to fall in place, things are just the way they are supposed to be? even if it only lasts for just a small moment, it is totally worth the hassle that you had to get trough before. the rain is pouring down again... but i was just in time at home, back in the warm surroundings of my bright white space.

these dark days mezereem can be found on the kerst&carry market in almere. so if you happen to be around go have a look. and here is a little something, it is called 'roll' and i guess that is just what it is. we'll see where it ends up.

fall/autumn makes me feel different, active and restless, but at the same time it makes me do nothing. the fresh air makes me want to make long walks and be outside. the light of the sun is so special. the night comes early theses days and makes me want to sit inside and cocoon a little in front of the heather. drink lots of tea and irish coffee.

in the image ~ me and a friend playing with the lights in paradiso
last ones - last sunbeams, last served coffee and the last ones leaving

wishing it would only last a little longer

same old same old

in order to open up,
you probably have to close down a bit
...on other things

a new season is knocking on the door, it drowned me on saturday and almost blew me of my feet. the air can be so fresh and solid at the same time. do you also notice that the light is different?

working on new ideas, it is always fun to start something new

stuck in the house
feeling tired like never before, hoping it will pass soon

maybe i should make a wish ~

below an image of work in progress, and it is all finished now.  18 karat pear ring and a lot of wish tags and pieces of pins which will be in the shop soon.

it turned out to be a very nice day. andrew bird on my speakers, really loud :) the sun is shining, had a nice coffee at razmataz again and a nice piece of apple pie with my neighbours.  i feel i deserved that after a busy week!  finished a 'little plan' with my friend and submitted it, hopefully i can tell more about that soon.

putting up the same painting once again, just hanging in a different place, different house... the light makes it look like new.  the sun did not try hard enough today to get trough the clouds.  the sky was white but bright and i can't complain after yesterday.  eating ice cream in the office enjoying the fist really hot day.

working a little more on some orders and preparing new little things for an upcoming trunk show.  images will follow soon as the natural light gives me a little more to work with.  dusk is falling in...  today my house is so quiet, i love this!  take care.

a while ago my dear friend and me started a project called 'every other seven days'. a year long we will post items (in the biggest sense of the word) we made, follow us! below you find my lates entry. a tangled up piece of silver :)

dear, you can find my words from now on at - the old blog was made in other times and places and the smell of spring felt like starting something new. so, here goes;

what has been going on with daphne and mezereem? well, my corporate identity has been designed by rogier wieland, and he has made something fabulous, which i feel very much identified with. in 2007 a book came out featuring a few of my ring designs. i started taking old designs into production again and have a sketchbook full of new designs and ideas. last weekend i joined the spring is in the air market in amsterdam and enjoyed doing this a lot. between all this jewelry related things i am enjoying this small city by drinking lots of coffee in the sunshine with friends along one of the canals. i have to say that it aint so bad living in good old amsterdam.